Why Choose BC Fly Fishing Charters?

We have taken the basic fundamentals of angling knowledge which have been handed down from our fathers and grandfathers before them and have adapted them to use with the long rod.

Not willing to rely on traditional methods in a changing environment, our guides are constantly refining techniques and creating new ones, exploring new waters and inventing new flies and lines. We do this selfishly not only to catch more and bigger fish and to become better anglers, but also to the ultimate benefit of our clients.
Fish with friends...
Our guide area is extremely diverse and equally as rich. We are close to some of the most productive Salmon and Trout water in the world. From pristine mountain freestone rivers that are only accessible by helicopter or jet boat, to a large river over a kilometre wide flowing through urban areas. There is more adventure here than most fly fishers could fit into a lifetime. Chase wild sea-run bull trout longer than your left arm or battle present day dinosaurs. We have it all. Our fisheries are open for 12 months and there is something to fly fish for every month, we can help you pick the best times to get hooked up.

Being inland, we operate 365 days a year in calm waters. There are no ocean swells or sea sickness to contend with unlike fishing in the open seas. Five species of Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout, and Steelhead all live in our waters waiting to take your fly. Of course you can't live in the Fraser Valley and not fall in love with the Dinosaur Sturgeon of the Fraser River; no it is not fly fishing but it is awesome and rarely fails to impress. A day of Sturgeon fishing added into a flyfishing adventure is often just the ticket to turn an excellent trip into a sensational one!
Young or old, British Columbia is a joy to behold!
Cancellation Policy: 
Cancellations 30 days prior to booked trips will receive full deposit back. Cancellations within 30 days of booking date shall be withheld by B.C.F.F.C.; however, (subject to availability) deposits may be applied to later dates and/or trips.

B.C.F.F.C. withholds the rights to cancel trips, as seen fit by the employees of B.C.F.F.C., due to unfavorable water conditions or other unforeseeable situations. In this case a full refund on the deposit will be returned. 
It is the clients responsibility to arrange transportation to the meeting place. Arrangements for pick up can be made, however, an additional pick up charge will apply.

Deposits: 50% of entire quote is required upon booking unless otherwise arranged. We will accept Visa & MasterCard’s, cheque (with appropriate I.D.) or cash.